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1. Starting on the Bath Grounds immediately at the rear of the Royal Hotel, follow the marked course clockwise around the Bath Grounds to exit at the rear gate.


2. Cross Prior Park Road to follow marker posts straight across Castle Field.


3. Turn left along the lane, passing the Castle to emerge on South Street.


4. Turn immediately sharp right to pass through the Manor House School grounds.


5. Exiting Manor House School, turn immediately right and follow Mount Walk to the end.


6. Turn right down Prior Park Lane (unadopted road) to the end.


7. Cross Prior Park Road and turn sharp left along a footpath.


8. Follow the footpath under the railway, and uphill to emerge on Mendip Close.


9. At the far end of Mendip Close bear right into Cambrian Way.


10. Follow Cambrian Way downhill to cross onto the far side of Windsor Road.


11. Follow Windsor Road to its junction with Lower Packington Road, turning right.


12. Follow Lower Packington Road round the right hand bend, and continue on to Station Road.


13. Turn right off Station Road into the Cricket Club footpath entrance, and follow the marked route to the finish



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