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About Enrych


Based in Coalville, Enrych East Midlands is a charity that supports disabled people to enjoy active and independent lives.


Everyone has the right to enjoy life and make choices about what they do. However, many people with disabilities face barriers every day that can limit their choices or independence and may lead to isolation or depression. Looking beyond disability Enrych helps people identify what would make a real difference in their lives (especially through leisure and learning opportunities) and then we find ways to help make it happen. This might be a volunteer partnership, an activity group, Enrych social events or through one-to-one support.


Enrych supports people with disabilities through two core services: Enrych Support and Enrych Assist


• Carefully matched with a volunteer to pursue an activity or shared interest

• Activity Groups (eg art, photography, bowling, seated keep fit)

• Accessible and fun social events and trips

• Introductions and support to access local clubs, groups and activities

• Access to the wider Enrych network

• Active and independent living with a Personal Support Assistant

• One-to-one support with everyday activities


Further information on Enrych can be found at https://leicestershire-derbyshire.enrych.org.uk/index.php

About Phoenix Children's Foundation


The Phoenix Children’s Foundation was established in 2006 in Packington, near to Ashby de la Zouch. Our sole aim is to enrich and enhance the lives of youngsters and their families living with illness, disability or lack of opportunity.


We are entirely reliant on the generosity of organisations, businesses and individuals to fund our crucial work, and the dedication of our volunteers and trustees to run the charity on daily basis.


The Phoenix Children’s Foundation owns a small menagerie of animals, ranging from alpacas and goats, to Shetland ponies and reindeer, all of whom help to fundraise – through appearances at events – as well as provide young people with opportunities to grow emotionally and learn through Animal Assisted Activity (AAA).

Further information on Phoenix Children’s Foundation can be found at www.phoenixcharity.org

About Staunton Harold Sailability Trust


The History of the Trust:

  • The trust was formed in December 2016 following more than 20 years of providing an annual day of sailing for the disabled through Staunton Harold Sailing Club in Melbourne and two years of piloting a more structured and frequent provision of waterborne activities with the permission of the club.

  • Two of the trustees had been involved in sailing for the disabled for over twenty years and wanted to do more, so with cooperation from the sailing club developed a plan and formed the trust.

  • The trust has 8 trustees and 2 members of the management group. Trustees are drawn from the sailing club, from outside professional bodies and parents or users of the activities.

  • The Trust has an agreement to operate with the sailing club whereby we pay annual fees to use facilities at the club.


All roles are voluntary and no payment is received by individuals for their involvement

The Trusts Aim:


To provide or assist in the provision of sailing facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their disability with the object of improving their conditions of life.

What we do:

  • We provide the opportunity for disabled children and young adults to experience sailing and powerboating.

  • We work with physical and mental illness conditions, learning and behavioural difficulties.

  • They can actively take part or can just enjoy a sensory session afloat.

  • We offer land activities and experiences  to support learning and participation.

  • We encourage parents , carers and siblings to take part alongside the participants.

  • We try to get families to take part together to foster inclusion and main stream participation in the club.

  • Every achievement is recognised however small it may seem then we build upon it.

Why we need your Support:

  • We can currently only handle 24 participants in each half day session  and 100 on our annual day, numbers are restricted due to the number of volunteers needed using conventional dinghies, the weather also limits our ability to operate safely.

  • With specialised equipment we can cater for more children and adults with more severe disabilities. We would with the same number of volunteers be able to more than double our numbers.

  • We can offer inclusion into the sailing clubs activities and participants could join fully into club sailing activities. Boats belonging to the trust could be used by individuals to take part in club racing, cruising and training.

  • With specialist lifting equipment we can cater for a much wider range of age and disability.

Further information on Sailability can be found at http://shst.org.uk/